Tim Coulter - Registered Architect

Projects: 52A Painshawfield Road, Stocksfield, Northumberland NE43 7QY

The most important features of the new house are that it functions well due to position, orientation, plan, section & elevations to enjoy the landscape and sun.

The green roof is part of the overall concept but helps merge the house into the bank side.


It is probably the first green roofed house in Northumberland, but this is just one of the many interesting sustainable features which make up the whole. Other features are:

  • low energy consumption from high levels of insulation.
  • passive solar heating when the sun is low.
  • underfloor space heating when required.
  • solar water heating with tubes installed on the bank side behind.
  • heat re-circulation.
  • a category 5 wiring system.

I have used as much local material as possible including the use of two beech and Atlantic cedars which grew on site.

It is a serious attempt to encapsulate some of my lifetime of experience as an Architect.


registered architect, low energy design, environmental, ecological, ancient monuments, passive solar

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